Signs You Need Help

Not sure you’re ready for mental health services? These symptom lists can help you understand whether you need help. You can also call 773.769.0205 to set an appointment at a C4 community mental health center.

Anxiety Symptoms | Signs of Child Abuse | Depression Symptoms | Anorexia Symptoms & Bulimia Symptoms | Stress Symptoms | Sexual Trauma | Signs of Suicide | PTSD Symptoms


Don’t see your symptoms?

C4 helps people with many other mental health problems. Please call us at 773.769.0205 to set an appointment. C4 accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and most PPO insurance. However, as of October 1, we regret to report that we no longer be able to offer sliding fees due to drastic cuts in our state funding. Please watch this site for updates.

Still not sure?

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing you’re fine? Call us at 773.769.0205 to set an appointment and get a professional opinion. All services are confidential.