Trauma can happen to anyone.
So can healing.
Why it Matters
Trauma affects nearly every aspect of a person – physically and mentally. One person’s trauma can affect everyone around them, from their children and partners, to their jobs and neighbors. Trauma can appear from isolation, abuse, neglect, discrimination, violence, unemployment, eviction, biochemical changes in the brain, or even the threat of these circumstances. C4 is your partner, as well as your community’s, in healing where you live, work, play, love, and thrive.
For nearly 50 years “community” has been in our name, our work, and our souls.
We build strength in community.
Get help if you need it, donate if you can.

Why Behavioral Health Matters

Behavioral Health matters because recovery is possible and takes place within a relationship of support. Positive emotional and mental health improves quality of life, affects how we handle stress, how we relate to one another, and allows us to make better life decisions.

Why Trauma-informed Care Matters

Trauma-informed care matters because it places a premium on conceptualizing clients’ presenting problems and symptoms as the result of trauma that occurred to them through no fault of their own.

Why C4 Matters

C4’s innovative, compassionate, and culturally-sensitive services reflect best practices in mental health. Since 1972, C4 has remained committed to its founding principles, including the belief that people recovering from mental health needs and trauma are able to live and thrive in their communities.