Affiliations and Partnerships

C4 is accredited by The Joint Commission, the national body responsible for certifying that healthcare organizations meets the highest standards of client treatment and care.

C4 is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health (DMH) as a Medicaid and Medicare provider. C4 is also a member of the following organizations: Community Behavioral Healthcare Association Mental Health Corporations of America, Inc.

C4 serves as a local provider for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.  The Lifeline is composed of a large network of over 150 local- and state-funded crisis centers located across the United States. C4 counselors answer local phone calls to the 24-Hour Lifeline. Lifeline crisis centers like C4 provide the specialized care of a local community center with the support of the national network.

C4 is proud to partner with Genoa Healthcare and to have them as our onsite pharmacy. Genoa Healthcare operates 600 pharmacies in the U.S. serving consumers with mental health, substance use disorders and other complex, chronic health conditions. Genoa’s specialized pharmacy care helps consumers stay on their medications by:

  • Providing pre-filled pill organizers
  • Making proactive outreach calls
  • Helping with prior authorizations
  • Handling key support services


BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CONSORTIUM (BHC): A referral network of 12 behavioral health agencies and hospitals, with a goal of streamlining access to behavioral healthcare services for CountCare members. The consortium providers cover a wide geographical area across Chicagoand suburban Cook County.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PRIMARY CARE INTEGRATED LEARNING COLLABORATIVE: With C4 as the lead agency, C4 and CountyCare work with several primary care providers and the BHC toward the goal of enhancing the behavioral health capacity of service delivery of all providers, as well as to strengthen care coordination and referral services for behavioral health.

ASSISTED OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (AOT): This court-ordered behavioral health program supports individuals with serious mental illnesses in Cook County. AOT enhances and coordinates services froma number of local and state partners and aims to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness, incarcerations and interactions with the criminal justice system, while improving the health and social outcomes for individuals with serious mental illness.

C4 AND COUNTY CARE: In May 2015, C4 announced that a partnership agreement with the Cook County Health and Hospital System has been made.  The agreement was specifically with the CountyCare program, which is the Cook County sponsored Medicaid health plan option.  Under this agreement, C4 serves as the Preferred Provider of behavioral health services to CountyCare participating members, for the entire Cook County area, in particular to its recently expanded population of children and adults with dependents. 

C4 continues to operate as an independent, non-profit, 501c3 organization offering the same full spectrum of behavioral health services to our existing consumers. Contributions to C4 remain directly applied to C4’s operating costs to support programs and services.  C4’s mission to offer quality, comprehensive customer-oriented services tailored to the diversity of its consumers continues to stand proudly.