Doris’ Story

Doris Knight Taylor staffs the front desk at the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago’s Parks Francis Center, which helps women facing domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. Taylor estimates that about one-third of the 80 walk-ins she sees each week at her job may also be dealing with a mental health issue.  For the first few months on […]

Alexandra’s Story

For Alexandra Cox*, having a job means more than money in the bank. When the 43-year-old was hired by a Levi’s Store in March, it literally changed her whole life. “I thought I’d never work again,” recalls Alexandra, who had been out of work for over two years after being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The […]

Elizabeth’s Story

Art Therapy Saved My LifeFor most of her life, Elizabeth Hipwell lived with undiagnosed mental illness. Her complex mental health challenges resulted in her living with intense depression. Elizabeth lived life thinking that she just needed to suppress her thoughts and feelings.   “I would drop into deep depression for months on end,” said Elizabeth. […]

Judie’s Story

A youthful 70 years old, Judie I. is still going strong. She has recently discovered she has a gift for doing art: her whimsical creation of a butterfly floating across brightly colored fabric is featured in C4’s 2012 calendar: The art of Hope. Her title, “Free to be Me,” fits perfectly. It wasn’t always like […]

Corey’s Story

Growing into adulthood is never easy, but for a young person with mental illness, it can be overwhelming. Just ask Corey Feulner. Diagnosed with a severe mental illness at the age of 13, Corey had a difficult childhood, including being expelled from elementary school during a psychotic episode. “I was being bullied in school, and […]